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Ben Dineen (Shoonya) began his studies of yoga in 1996 with his primary teacher and mentor, Yogacharya Ben Thomas. Throughout his journey, he has also had the good fortune to study with many other wonderful yogis in a variety of different traditions. In addition to his practice of yoga, Ben has been engaged in the practice and study of taiji and qigong since 1999 and has had the opportunity to study with many different masters, including Master Wong Wai Yi, his primary sifu.

In addition to teaching and practicing yoga, taiji, and qigong, Ben also enjoys the creative process involved in artistic expression of various sorts. Whether it be through movement, voice, drumming, writing, painting, or photography, Ben appreciates the mindfulness, attention to detail, and surrender to the natural flow that the arts naturally help to cultivate. He feels that this can also be extended to the entirety of one's life.

Whatever be the expression or art form at hand, essentially, Ben is most interested in what is here, allowing life to unfold naturally in this timeless moment... devoted to the light of wakefulness shining in the heart.



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~ Om Shanti, Om Peace ~




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